The JfL Network
  1. A community of believers working together to end poverty.

The JfL Network is a collection of Christ-centered churches and organizations committed to transforming lives by leading Jobs for Life classes in their communities.

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They are churches and ministries committed to:

  • Restoring people’s dignity and purpose
  • Offering a hand instead of a handout
  • Bringing jobs and hope to underserved communities
  • Keeping ex-offenders from going back to prison
  • Eradicating homelessness
  • Assuring victims of abuse of their identity in Christ
  • Empowering young people to dream
  • Equipping others to provide for themselves and their families

They teach people God’s design for work, providing a supportive community and helping them to find and maintain meaningful employment.

Network members share their experiences, best practices and resources to strengthen the overall knowledge base of the network and benefit the greater cause - fighting to end poverty through the dignity of work.


Join the JfL Network and transform lives by leading a JfL class and becoming a part of a global movement providing a profound solution to poverty and unemployment.