Helping Springfield Flourish Through Work

The Story of Schweitzer United Methodist Church and JfL

Schweitzer United Methodist Church (Springfield, Missouri) was looking for a resource to help them better serve the individuals in their community who were unemployed and underemployed. They wanted to break the job-to-job cycle they were seeing in people’s lives, and help restore their value, self-worth, and dignity. That’s when they discovered Jobs for Life (JfL).

The church hosted their first Jobs for Life class in 2014, and since that time have hosted 19 JfL classes and have graduated 127 men and women. Of these graduates, 84 have obtained employment! The church currently has 14 active business partners, one of which has hired 16 JfL graduates. This same business partner is now working with Schweitzer to put in place a "Business Roundtable" where they plan to invite 10-15 local businesses to come hear more about their efforts and partnership, and the benefits it provides the business community.

Scott Warren, the JfL Site Leader at Schweitzer, has been a huge part of expanding the JfL network in their city. In addition to leading the JfL classes at the church, he also helped launch two new JfL sites in Springfield and led a cooperative effort to bring a JfL training to the city, helping to train additional leaders and volunteers and launching several other JfL ministries in the area. Scott has also been instrumental in recruiting volunteers, and currently has over 60 men and women in their “volunteer pool” that are able to assist in local JfL classes.

This is the beauty of partnership and collaboration!

Thanks to the continued support of our community of investors, we’re able to further empower churches like Schweitzer in Springfield, MO, and leaders like Scott, to help transform their city through work. The result is more equipped workers, stronger communities and flourishing cities.

Will you join us?

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