One Life At A Time

Bobbie's Story

Bobbie was working two jobs to make ends meet for herself and her children. Her car had broken down, so she would walk to her first job and catch a ride to her second job when the shift was done. She had also been evicted from her apartment, and was also looking for another place for her family to live. She got connected to a local church, and some of her new community connected her to Jobs for Life at Hope House Ministries in Bowling Green, KY.

She knew she needed this opportunity, mainly for help with next steps, accountability, and for people to push her and encourage her. When she started the class, she liked how it had Biblical stories and that they prayed before class. She specifically liked the story about Jonah, and how the Lord continued to pursue him even though Jonah kept running from God. She knew the same was happening with her.

Jobs for Life taught Bobbie that life is like driving down a road, and there will be roadblocks along the way. She is learning how to prevent roadblocks and get through them when they happen. She used to get angry at work, but learned that she needed to have respect for the people she worked with, including having respect for herself.

Bobbie is still working on applications for other jobs and doing whatever it takes to reach her goals. She is so thankful to have people around her to push her to where she needs to be. She’s working on paying off bills and looking for a new place for her family to live. She’s learning that everything she has been through is part of her testimony, and God is with her the whole time.


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