Expanding Work-readiness And Access To More Job Opportunities

Christian Outreach Center in Baton Rouge, Louisiana

Cities thrive when people work. Community, ministry, and business leaders in Baton Rouge, Louisiana have been partnering together, through Jobs for Life (JfL), to help more people in their city find and keep work. Thanks to a JfL training hosted in 2019, there are now JfL sites in four of the most impoverished parts of the Baton Rouge area.

One of the main ministries leading JfL classes in the city is The Christian Outreach Center of Baton Rouge, a Christ-centered homeless prevention ministry helping people toward self-sufficiency in Downtown Baton Rouge. The ministry has been partnering with Jobs for Life since 2014, leading multiple JfL classes during that time. Watch the video above to hear from two of their JfL graduates and see the impact JfL has had on their lives.

Thanks to the continued support of our community of investors, we’re able to support cities, like Baton Rouge, who are helping to serve job seekers and build stronger communities. We want to do even more to support cities suffering from the effects of unemployment and underemployment. But we need your help!


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Video credit: The Christian Outreach Center (christianoutreachcenterbr.com)